Income With Omni

Keep reading. I promise you this company is different than what you may have heard. If you have tried the rest, stick with the best. The marketing plan works just as well as the products do.

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Are you desiring more income into your household budget? Are you a stay at home parent and need to make money? Are you wanting to do what you love and love what you do? Have you heard that before but did not believe it?

We started with Omnitrition on 10/20/2012 and immediately started taking advantage of the business opportunity. 20% off our first order, 25% off the following week, 30% off in November, 35% off in December and qualified supervisors and 40% off by the beginning of January.

Our business base has grown fast in just a few months – the business really does chase you down. Why? Because the product line really does work. Nutrition you can FEEL!

We make enough to pay for all the Omni we wish to take each month.

Become a distributor in minutes


Q: What do I get in the distributor kit?

Rules & regulations, welcome message, buttons, bumper sticker, sample packets of products, sales receipt book, etc. You also get: Complete front-end customer order entry site. Complete back-office site for running your business, placing orders, tracking information. Accounting, reports, customer support, it is all there. All the things you need to get started and run your business as little or as much as you want.

Q: What does the distributor kit cost?

$49.95 (+S/H) – that’s it!

Q: How long does it take to sign up as a distributor?

Just minutes and you are instantly a distributor and can immediately place your own orders at 20% off or more AND immediately take retail orders from customers.

Q: Do distributors make money on signups?

No! Never! That is illegal. Omnitrition does not do that. Distributors do not make money from signing people up, only from actual products sold.

Q: Are there quotas, sales volumes or monthly requirements?

No! You can order nothing or everything, totally up to you. No quotas, volume or sales requirements as a distributor.

Q: Does my discount go down if I do not order in awhile?

No! Your discount and profit level stays the same month to month. The only time it changes is when you reach a new profit level for even more savings, then it stays there until you reach the next.

Q: Is my income residual?

Yes! It can also pass down to your family when you pass on. How many other companies take care of you with that?

Q: Is Omnitrition a pyramid?

No! Pyramid schemes are illegal. Plus, Omnitrition is the only network marketing company deemed NOT to be a pyramid by a federal judge in a federal court to prove it. Look it up yourself. Omnitrition has superior ethics, marketing plan, compensation plan, top-level products and customer support second to none.

Q: I still want to learn more, can you train me?

Yes! Contact us and we will help you with anything you want to learn. All the information and no obligation.